Best Slice of Life Anime Series Recommendations

Slice of Life anime is a genre that is less talked about, but these anime closely relates to your daily lives and the things we do. Below are some awesome slice of life anime that you should definitely check out.

Lucky Star

Lucky Star

Probably one of the funniest slice of life anime that I have seen. A bunch of high school girls with different personalities.

K-On K-On!

A musical themed anime that revolves around 4 girls playing different musical instruments. If you enjoy the drum, guitar or any musical stuff, this anime is for you.

Bunny Drop Bunny Drop

This one focuses more on single parents and how life is for them when it comes to taking care of kids. This is definitely for the single parents!

Slam Dunk Anime Slam Dunk

Well, sports lovers, especially basketball fans should give Slam Dunk a go. It is funny and has tonnes of inspirational moments. Plus it is old school.

Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka

A “delinquent” turned teacher has to teach a bunch of spoiled kids in school and also help them get their life together. It is one of my favorite anime shows.

There ya have it!