Best Harem Anime Series Recommendations

Best Harem Anime Series


Without further due, let’s introduce some of the best harem anime series! Please note that I will be adding more as I find better ones.

Highschool DxD Highschool DxD

Without a doubt this would be on the harem list. You have a guy that is dead and gets revived into a class full of demon girls. Talk about a harem fest. This anime has got it all.

Girls Bravo Girls Bravo!

A guy mysteriously gets transported to an alternate world full of girls. Well well, this definitely has the setup for an harem anime. The main character has been bullied by girls since he was a little kid. I guess it is payback time~

Please Teacher Please Teacher

This involves a student and teacher relationship, with the teacher being the aggressor and also a couple students eyeing for the male leads attention. TEACHER HAREM baby!

Sekirei Sekirei

This is a very popular harem anime that involves some action. What is better than a beautiful girl’s butt falling on you out of nowhere? The male lead than gets a harem after that and you all know how it goes…

School Days School Days

The male lead is a womanizer to the max. This anime has quite some twists and turns and quite an unexpected ending. I won’t spoil it for you.

They Are My Noble Masters They Are My Noble Masters

The plot revolves around servants and masters. If you enjoy this kind of relationship type, then you will enjoy this anime.