Anime Like Death Note

Some Anime Like Death Note

Anime Like Death Note

With a film made after the anime, this is one of the most popular anime that is a hit in the US and overseas. This anime is full of suspense, thrilling turn of events and plenty of anticipation of what is going to happen next. It also has a very dark theme to it. Below, I will introduce some really good ones that is rather similar to it.


Monster is a psychological and thriller type anime. The story revolves around Tenma Kenzō, a Japanese brain surgeon living in Germany. He works at the Eisler Memorial Hospital. Being a promising and talented young surgeon, he has everything going for him. The board of directors like him and he is also engaged to Eva, the daughter of the hospital director, Heinemann.There is one thing that Tenma didn't like - the way the hospital was ran. The hospital gave special treatment to certain groups, especially political and influential figures over regular civilians. One day, he decided to save a young boy's life over the Mayor of  Düsseldorf. As a result, the mayor died and Tenma loses his reputation and Eva because of the incident. Unfortunately, the board of directors were mysteriously murdered. Although Tenma was not the culprit, the police suspected him because he indirectly benefited from the incident. 9 years later, Tenma reunites with the young boy, whose name was Johan Liebert after Tenma saved a criminal. After that incident and a chain of events, Tenma discovered something odd about "monster", which was used to create perfect soldiers by re-programming them psychologically. He then vows to find out the truth behind this matter... Monster

Spiral: The Bonds Of Reasoning

This anime is a mystery anime. Ayumu Narumi is the main protagonist of the anime. His brother is a famous pianist and detective. One day, he suddenly disappears without a trace. The only clue that was left behind was the phrase "Blade Children", which was from their final phone conversation before the disappearance.As Ayumu enters high school, he gets into mystery cases with murder and other related incidents linked to Blade Children. Soon enough, his journalist, Hiyono and his sister-in-law Madoka aids Ayumu in his quest to find out more about the mysterious Blade Children. The Blade Children have cat-like eyes and they are hunted by "Hunters". They are recognizable with a missing right bone on the seventh rib cage. These Blade Children believes that Ayumu is the right person that could save them... Spiral The Bonds of Reasoning


Prepare for some mystery and horror scenes when you decide to watch Shiki. The story starts off at a secluded village called Sotoba. The village does not have too many people. A series of mysterious and ominous deaths started to plague the village. It is also by no accident that a weird family moved into a mansion that was vacated and abandoned a long time ago. The doctor of the village,Toshio Ozaki, speculates that this could be the start of an epidemic surrounding the village. However, as the death of the villagers start increasing, Toshio suspects this could be the work of a "Shiki"(demon corpse). Natsuno Yuuki, a young male detests living in the village is now marred by mysterious deaths, which he is determined to put this to an end... Shiki

Future Diary(Mirai Nikki)

With quite an interesting plot that keeps one edged at the toe of their seats, this anime is not as popular and it is also underrated. The story begins with Yuki Amano, a loner that enjoys writing his diary with on his cell phone, talking to virtual friends Deus Ex Machina, the God of Time and Space. Deus then gives Yuki a special diary that could predict the future. He soon realizes he is joining a game of battle royale with 11 other players that also possess a special diary that can predict the future. The goal of the game is to kill the other members before the end of 90 days, with the winner becoming the new God of Time and Space.  Yuki is paired with Yuno Gasai in an attempt to fend off the other dairy users as Yuki is seen as the biggest threat out of all the diary users. Yuno is quite an obsessive character and Yuki pretends to love Yuno to use her to protect him. However, an intriguing turn of events made Yuki think twice about his actions... Future Diary

Ergo Proxy

This anime begins in a future setting. In the city of Romdeau, humans and AutoReivs known as androids live together. However, a chain of events that involves AutoReivs murdering people after they got infected by a virus unsettled the peace of the city. The government has been secretly researching a hybrid human known as "Proxy". These Proxy is regarded as the key survival to mankind.As a result of the murder, Re-l Mayer, the main protagonist, is tasked to investigate the murder with her partner Iggy. She realizes that a Proxy is involved in one of the murders and somehow an immigrant known as Vincent Law is related to the Proxy. Re-I then decides to pursue Vincent in order to find out what is going on behind the scenes...

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There you have it! These anime like Death Note will add some enjoyment to your leisure time. They might be different in some ways, but they are really good animes.

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